AVDomotics provides affordable energy resource monitoring solutions.

A partnership with Powerhouse Dynamics allows AVDomotics to provide affordable energy resource monitoring solutions. We can provide standalone Powerhouse Dynamics solutions or integrate them into a Crestron home/commercial automation solution. As a standalone system, the end user will have historic and real time data of resource consumption and production. When installed as a component of a complete automation system, the home or building can configure itself based on the wide array of data points optimizing both energy consumption and production.

Image from Powerhouse Dynamics web site

Here is a real time example of data from the eMonitor system

Here are some examples to illustrate how energy resource monitoring can provide long term savings:

1) The cheapest and simplest way to conserve energy is turning light switches and faucets off. Convenient real time and historical energy consumption (and production) data provides a very powerful motivation to conserve. Implementing Powerhouse Dynamics in a dorm, retail space, or hotel and conference facility provides a means for calculating and estimating energy costs and can provide a atmosphere conducive to saving energy. In addition, energy conscient customers will be attracted to environmentally friendly businesses.

2) Coupled with an automation system, real time data will allow a building to automatically adjust to environmental conditions, energy costs and desired conservation goals.
- If the energy costs are higher during the afternoon hours, the lights will only come on to 75%
- If today's energy consumption is significantly higher than the average, then lights only come on 75% 
- Before turning on the air conditioner, the shades are automatically closed and windows are opened. If the temperature doesn't drop enough to meet a desired setting then the air conditioner is turned on.
- Occupancy sensors determine if a room is being used. If not, lights and HVAC units are turned off or scaled back.
- Remote monitoring of room status, such as hotel rooms, allows lights, TVs and other appliances to be turned off.
- If power is being produced by solar cells or wind turbines, septic and wells pumps are turned on.

Image from Powerhouse Dynamics web site