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specializes in the design, integration, and implementation of smart home, residential and commercial automation technologies. Our products and services are designed to bring total control of a facility to the fingertips of the end user. Whether the application is the complete multimedia control of practically every electronic device in a home or the highly customizable audio system in a commercial building, AVDomotics brings experience and intelligent design to your doorstep. We offer integrated home audio and video, lighting control, waterworks, fireplaces, security, remote access surveillance, networking, energy resource monitoring, and other automation services. If you are curious to know how smart your house can be, please give us a call at 1-800-675-1315 for more information.

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"Domotics" is applied information and communication technologies for more comfort and convenience in and around the home.

The term DOMOTICS is a contraction of the words DOMUS (the latin term for home or house) and INFORMATICS (=the science concerned with the collection, transmission, storage, processing and display of information.)