Many people delight to the sounds of their favorite song or musical performance when heard over a premium audio system. We build our audio systems on equipment unparalleled at the consumer level and deliver you complete control throughout your house or office. Relax and listen to your favorite classical piece while you bathe in your spa or provide moment by moment sporting event coverage through the entire home. Integrated with your TVs your home becomes a virtual sporting event in itself...
High Definition LCD, Plasma and projection TVs are the wave of the future. Like our audio solutions, we build our visual solutions on components unparalleled in the consumer market. Our product line will dazzle even the most skeptical and please the most discerning eye. We've heard it before, "how much better can it get?" We will show you just how good it can get. Couple your visual system with premium audio and you have a breathtaking experience. Integrate your Audio/Visual system with your lighting to round out the experience...
Conventional light switches will soon become a rudimentary function of the past. Computer controlled lighting is not only vastly more efficient, but provides a level of sophistication and satisfaction unattainable with conventional wiring. Setting lighting mood scenes, synchronizing lighting with lifestyles and automating landscapes are entirely customizable. Integrating lighting systems with triggers can reduce the consumption of energy (even greater saving with LED lighting) and provide hands-off convenience.

Imagine waking thirsty in the middle of the night. With a click of a button a pathway of dimmed lights illuminates the way from your bedside to the bathroom sink. Or, imagine having a gathering at your home and you would like to activate all the lighting in public areas and disable control of lighting in other areas... a click of one customized button. Integrate your Audio/Visual and lighting with your network and you have complete control whereever you are....
Our systems can be controlled with an array of wall mounted buttons, wall mounted touch panel LCD screens, remotes and/or hand held remote touch panel LCD screens. Integrating your system with a local ethernet or wireless network expands your home's control and automation through your computer. You can control and view your home from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. You can even turn on the lights or heat up the hot tub from your cell phone if you desire. In addition to these home automation control features via the internet, you will have all the functionality of a local area network. Connect laptops, printers, security cameras, and other network devices via hard wire ethernet or wirelessly.
and More...
Bringing the components of Audio, Visual, Lighting and Networking into single touch control is the pinnacle of global smart home technology. There are many solutions and service providers that can provide these components individually, but AVDomotics brings global smart home technology together in one fully customizable solution. Not only can you control every aspect of these components individually, but they can interact in concert with other integrated devices such as a local computer network, your security surveillance system, weather conditions, intrusion detection, alternative energy sources and water features.... All with a single touch of a button. Click here to find out more about how an automated home differs from a conventional system.
The interface between the end user and the automation equipment must be simple, straightforward and intuitive. Otherwise, the most sophisticated automation system in the world would be useless to most people. In addition to the fully customized button control interfaces that replace standard light switches, there are a variety of devices designed to bring complete control to your fingertips. From audio and lighting interfaces (pictured below) to WiFi remote touch panels (featured in the images above) we match the functionality in every room to all of your needs.

How do we stand apart?
We work closely with our clients from design to completion on every project in order to provide custom features that fit our clients' lifestyles and individual needs. Whether you want the porch lights to illuminate at dusk based on your home's geographical position, or the home theater to automatically pause your movie and fade on the lights when the door bell rings, our solutions provide you with the highest resolution of control and unparalleled quality. Other home automation solution providers will sell you a pre-packaged solution designed to fit the needs of most people. This is to their advantage, not yours. Our solutions are designed from the ground up with your input every step of the way. The result is a fully customized system designed specifically to meet your wishes. We work with every client to hand pick and match every component of a system to your needs. This is to YOUR advantage.