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Cue R1 Radio

Cue R1 Radio
Cue R1 Radio Cue R1 Radio
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The Model r1's contemporary, sophisticated design complements any decor—and its compact size allows it to fit easily on almost any table, shelf, or desk.

 Model r1 Feature Details:
Apple Universal Dock: The dock on the Model r1 charges and plays most generations of iPod and iPhone. It is fully integrated into the design of the r1—not a separate unit or an add-on like some other brands offer.

Advanced Digital Technology: The D2Audio® DSP (digital signal processing) chip and digital amplifier in the Model r1 provide amazingly clear sound and a very wide dynamic range. As a result, you will hear subtle details in all your favorite music that can be obscured by lesser quality sound systems.

Dual Alarms: The Model r1's two completely independent alarm clocks are very flexible and reliable. A backup battery ensures that your alarm settings will remain intact through a temporary power outage.

Multi-functional Graphic Display: The r1's 3" LCD display makes any action easy and intuitive. It integrates gracefully with your iPod or iPhone, with all menus available on either the iPod/iPhone display or the r1's display. You can also choose to have the display dim in a dark room, or turn off completely—which makes falling asleep easy when the r1 is placed on a bedside table.

Custom-made Speaker: Our high-performance bi-amplified speaker features a 3.5" high-power woofer/mid-range driver, and a 3/4" silk dome, fluid-cooled tweeter mounted on a waveguide.

True Stereo Separation: With the Model s1 satellite speaker attached to the r1 you get 100 watts of true stereo sound. Unlike most other compact systems, the r1 does not squeeze 2 speakers very close together and simulate stereo separation with digital trickery.

Assembled and Designed in the USA: The Model r1 is hand-assembled and thoroughly tested in our Somerville, MA headquarters. It was designed in the USA by a team of experienced industrial and acoustical designers.

AM/FM Radio: The r1's superior AM/FM radio features a robust, modular automotive tuner design. It includes 24 station presets, and RDS (song and radio station information appears on the r1's display).

Aux In: The 1/8" stereo Aux input on the back of the r1 allows you to play any external source—such as tablets, computers, cd players, TVs, and any brand of mp3 player—through the r1.

Touch Controls: In iPod mode, blue touch controls illuminate around the navigation dial that mimic the four buttons on an iPod's scroll wheel (Menu, FF/Next, Play/Pause, Rew/Previous). The Snooze/Mute button on top of the r1 also response to the simple touch of a finger.

Internal Power Supply: The r1 features an internal power supply—which eliminates the need for a bulky power block or wall wart on the power cord. The r1's power cord also doubles as an FM antenna.

Great Sound at Any Volume: Exclusive Sonic AutoBalance™ technology optimizes the r1's output, which ensures excellent sound at any volume. At low output levels the richness of the sound is enhanced to avoid any loss of bass response, and at high output levels the sound is adjusted to avoid any harshness or distortion.

Full Function Remote Control: The r1's remote control is compact and easy to use. It controls every aspect of the r1 and many functions of your iPod or iPhone. You can also set an alarm or trigger the snooze function with it from up to 25 feet away.

Superior Components: All Cue Acoustics products contain the highest quality parts available. Each element is carefully chosen for its durability and reliability. We do not cut corners. Many parts are made in America and every part is tested thoroughly to ensure they meet our high performance standards.

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Cue S1 Speaker
Cue S1 Speaker

The S1 speaker is designed to work exclusively with the Cue r1 radio

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