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Tech Talk

12/01/2012isf Calibration

 AVDomotics is an isf certified level I video calibration partner. Most television sets in homes these days have the capacity to deliver a significantly better picture than the built in video processors that come with the TV can support.With the addition of a video processor and calibration, yo..

12/01/2012Analog Sunset

 What is it?In general terms, Analog Sunset describes the AV Industry's current move away from analog systems toward devices that are digital in nature. This move affects components such as displays, video sources, high definition content, broadcast television, and communication protocols inclu..

12/01/2012Universal Remotes

 We probably don't have to waste too much time discussing what a "Universal" remote control is, right? In a nutshell, they are those remotes that promise to control every electronic Audio Video device in your house with the touch of a button instead of this:Oh yes... I hear some of you grumblin..

12/01/2012Intro to automation

 AVDomotics: Conventional Lighting versus Centralized Automation and Distribution LightingBelow is a simple illustrative comparison of a conventional lighting system and a centralized automated solution. In a conventional system, each load leg or circuit is controlled by at least one switc..

12/01/2012Sound Abatement

Hello! This newsletter is based on a solution our CTO Charlie White designed and AVDomotics implemented at Northland Preparatory Academy in Flagstaff, AZ. By sharing this, we hope to communicate the proper design and implementation of sound systems.Problem: NPA had a multipurpose Gym area which incl..

12/01/2012Outdoor Speaker a 1-2-3 Study

 A quick 1 2 3 study on outdoor speakers.Before describing outdoor speakers specifically, here are two common misconceptions about speaker placement and the number required for any given area... this applies to indoor speakers and even more so to outdoor speakers.The first misconception is..

12/01/2012Connecting your TV

 TV Connection Guide: the numerous connections on the back of DVD-Players, Flat Screen TVs, game consoles and other video sources, makes it difficult to be sure your AV equipment is connected properly. This is important because, if you don't, you may only be utilizing a fraction of the potentia..

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