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Great Products

12/01/2012Theater Seating

 Home Theater Seating... Why Choose Elite?One of a list of answers to this question is that Elite understands what a theater chair is and what it is supposed to do. All of us have had to endure an uncomfortable experience at our local Cineplex while constantly shifting and adjusting to find a c..

12/01/2012Energy Resource Monitoring

 eMonitor is a cost effective method for determining just how much energy you are consuming. Why would you want to know that? Meaningful and attractive data provides an effective behavior modification tool that helps make using less energy easier and actually kind of fun. Not only that, monitor..

12/01/2012Cue Radio

The Cue Radio Model r1 is unlike any table top or bed side radio you have ever heard. Sounds like a standard sales pitch doesn't it? Well, let us put it this way then... Our business model never intended to include retail products like the Cue Radio but, once we heard the sound coming out ..

12/01/2012think sound ear buds

 When thinksound™ approached us about selling their product we had a question to answer... "with all of the head phone brands, models and styles swirling around out there, do we really want to be in that competitive market?"Surprisingly, after dawning a pair to test out, the answer was an eas..

12/01/2012NAD Receivers and Amps

 NAD - Doing it right the first time.NAD provides excelent performance options with great value starting with the introductory models and excels with the Master Series on the top end.Designed with modular card design, we can select and build a system specifically to meet your needs. This modula..

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