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Connecting your TV

 TV Connection Guide: the numerous connections on the back of DVD-Players, Flat Screen TVs, game consoles and other video sources, makes it difficult to be sure your AV equipment is connected properly. This is important because, if you don't, you may only be utilizing a fraction of the potential performance of the individual components.

The short answer to the connection question is to seek and use HDMI where possible.

HDMI is the latest and greatest in consumer AV connections. This high definition format combines the video and audio signals into one easy cable connection. Not only that, the HDMI standard supports communication between components allowing them to negotiate the best possible picture and sound quality automatically. There are other functions of HDMI but, these generally are of no concern to the average consumer. The link below to our article about the analog sunset touches on some of these other functions.

If you don't have HDMI connections on your components, not to worry. Although you may not be experiencing the highest performance through HDMI, the chart below will help you maximize your picture quality. Otherwise, it just might be time to buy yourself a new birthday present and upgrade to HDMI compatible devices.

In any case, upgrading to digital components will be necessary soon. Check out our article about the analog sunset!

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