Hello! In this edition of our newsletter we would like to highlight another one of our retail products... thinksound™ headphones. thinksound™ headphones are a fantastic gift idea and are for sale at our Sedona, AZ showroom. You can also order online below.

When thinksound™ approached us about selling their product we had a question to answer... "with all of the head phone brands, models and styles swirling around out there, do we really want to be in that competitive market?"

Surprisingly, after dawning a pair to test out, the answer was an easy and instant... "YES"!

Here is why in three simple words..." they are awesome".

...but, if that's not enough to convince you, then here's some more reasons. thinksound™ began with a simple goal; to create incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. These headphones are made with real wood, creating a more natural resonance and unparalleled acoustics.

If you don't think our opinion is much to go on, then how about some of these:

- Stephen Mejias, of Stereophile, reviews the ms01 in-ear monitor. He says "Though I'll probably always be attracted to the many varieties of headphones available, I know I need only one and it'll come from thinksound."

- Caleb Denison, of Digital Trends, recommends the ms01. He says "We were just really moved by the ms01's tonal accuracy and you can't fake that."

- Chris Burns of Slashgear says "The first time I tried the ms01 buds out, the music I'd been listening to for months before came through in a whole new way, at a whole new level of warmth and depth. These buds are without a doubt the finest set of in-ear earphones I've experienced thus far."

thinksound headphones fit so nicely into your ear with the array of included soft fittings that it is as if you are not even wearing them.

The next to custom fit also isolates external noise so, although they are not dynamic noise canceling headphones, you don't hear much of anything outside of what you are listening to. The sport model pictured below helps keeps the ear buds in place while exercising.

In a nut shell, these headphones are fantastic. If you have any desire for the highest quality mobile audio, thinksound™ headphones will exceed your expectations.

Available on our online store!